I have been training with Sam for the best part of 4 and half years and I think that in itself is a testiment to what an amazing PT he is.

The gym was always something I felt was a chore to be endured!! Now I cant wait to get there and work out. Sam introduced me to strength training and consequently something I am actually quite good at!!! He makes sessions fun and entertaining whilst helping you to progress continuously!! I had never been good at anything sporty so this has been a massive confidence boost and given me something to be proud of!!! I have conquered and smashed so many goals with his help and guidance!! Sam has helped me achieve a significant weight loss….up to 4 stone..I never dreamed of losing all that. He opened my eyes and heart to the greatness of fitness and exercise!

Sam has helped rehabilitate me back from injury on more than one occasion and has been so supportive and encouraging. He is so knowledgeable and is always researching his area looking for new and different ways to help his clients. His expertise has been so valuable – helping tweak my diet and training when I have hit plateaus. He is always there motivating you and always having faith in you when yours is lacking!!

He is a genuine caring young man and you really only have to look at all his other clients as well to see what he can do for you!! You really couldn’t find anyone better to help you achieve any fitness goals!! I will be forever grateful for all his help!! Sam you have have given me my life back and you are a true inspiration!! Thank you for everything it has been and still is an honour to train with you! X

Written by: Dan

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