Choose Sam as your personal trainer will be the best decision you will make and will tick all your boxes.
I joined Dw fitness Cambridge in 2012 , to become fitter and slimmer and recover from knee replacement surgery. Six months later I met Sam and was encouraged to try personal training. Nervous and emotional, I was amazed at the instant results I started to achieve in terms of weight loss. Sam’s encouragement, support and mentoring is 1st class.
Sam is Professional, passionate, focused, inspirational, and fun in his approach to strength, fitness and health and lifestyle.
After 4 years of training he still manages to make every session different. Gym training is so much fun too and makes you feel good.

Sam is a massive influence in my life and has helped me achieve challenges and life changing goals, emotionally and physically which I couldn’t have achieved alone. He has become a true fantastic friend as well as my personal trainer. My new career in the fitness industry and work life balance is proof of this. I am enjoying the finer things in life. Thank you Sam for being there with me on my journey.

Contact Sam if you are serious and committed to reach your full potential in life, he will for certain, help you all the way.

Written by: Dan

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